Inktober 2017 – Day 25-30

I managed to post some of these on other platforms on time, but between my schedule and my energy levels, I’m posting them all here tonight. I plan on sharing a belated piece for the 31st tomorrow.

October 25th – “favourite fic”

I know that many will be tempted to say that Blue Sky is their favourite, but honestly, I love Portal fanfics where Chell works at or runs a bakery/coffee shop in general (also worth noting: Blue Sky just so happens to include a bakery setting). These could be AU (alternate universe) storylines, or ones that take place post-game. Because I couldn’t narrow it down, I just drew Chell as a baker.


I never finished the “draw your favourite core in the chassis” prompt (partially due to a bad headache), but I kept two promising base-sketches! It was going to be another “fix-it-Virgil” joke, hence the claws full of tools that he actually knows how to use!

October 27th – “turret”




Turrets haven’t really changed much in design since the first Portal game, and neither have most of the cubes (though there were new ones added). They’re still illongated egg-shapes with three legs, unless their side panels are open and their guns are out.


October 28th – “defective turret”

It’d be hard to find a turret more defective than this—it’s half-core!

In-game, defective turrets are basically normal turrets, but without their white shell. They’re a bit tricky to draw given all those exposed mechanical components.


Day 29 and 30 are one drawing. Their prompts were “frankenturret” and “companion cube”, respectively. I drew a companion cube-frankenturret hybrid carting another companion cube onto a button. It’s kind of a nod to how you have access to enough buttons to stack in Portal’s chamber 16.


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