Inktober 2017 – Day 23

I posted this everywhere else but here yesterday, so I’m posting it now. Day 23’s Portal prompt was more or less, “Where are they now?

I had other ideas, including a split-screen featuring this, and what Chell was probably doing (it was a shameless Castaway parody and I’m still going to draw it), and a split-split screen featuring both ideas and a second set of split screens with an overall theme of “What I want them to be doing VS what they’re more likely to be doing.” Basically, it was almost a four panel comic.

The good news is, today’s prompt is about Portal 3, and I’m excited to draw it. Again, it’s probably going to be presented in the form of a comic, like the GLaDOS tribble pit. As a side-note: when I get my hands on some fake fur, I’ll be posting some of the tribbles I make from it. I haven’t forgotten that goal.


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