Inktober 2017 – Day 22

Today’s prompt called for some colour, so I used markers to recreate my favourite Doug Rattman painting. Rattman is an implied character in Portal and Portal 2 who leaves behind elaborate written messages and murals (including “the cake is a lie” and some poetry) rendered in whatever materials he has at his disposal—which isn’t much given he’s been trapped in the facility for a long time. His story is told in the official “Lab Rat” comic which can be found online or in Valve’s “The Sacrifice” comic compilation.

I limited my colour palette to three plus black ink, although the original painting only seemed to use blue and orange, which could be Repulsion and Propulsion gels—each is coloured blue and orange, respectively, and are very distinct against most of Aperture’s surfaces.

I actually attempted this piece twice, but since I was drawing on a stack of paper and these markers bled through, there was some accidental bleeding that looks like smudging going on. Ironically, what I’d usually call a mistake ended up helping the piece work as true Rattman paintings are smudgy and messy.


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