Inktober 2017 – Day 2

Initially, I told myself I’ve been drawing a lot of Portal stuff lately and people might be getting tired of it, but here I am working off of rnainframe’s Portal-ber Inktober prompts. Day 1 (yesterday) was “favourite Portal character”, and that’s Chell. Day 2’s theme is “favourite portal 2 character” and I think I’ve already made it clear who that is.

I suppose I could’ve drawn Wheatley twice if I’d only interpreted the first prompt as my favourite character in the entire official franchise, but I chose to illustrate my fav from the first game instead—a more literal approach than others took, as I saw quite a few Wheatleys lighting up tumblr yesterday.

Anyway, Wheatley wearing a hat while stuck in a test chamber door is the perfect Odd Job’s hat experience! He isn’t just wearing the hat, he is the hat! He’s holding the door open and everything! His actual costume may not be very fancy but his acting really sells it.


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