Painting Studies & Practice

I ended up doing a couple of painting studies today, nothing really amazing, just an apple and a face that serves as a reminder as to why I don’t like attempting photorealism.


The apple is like something you might find in Nintendo’s “Art Academy” (if you have a Nintendo DS or 3DS, Art Academy and it’s sequel are both great games), it’s really basic and seemingly meant as an introductory exercise, but it usually looks really good in the end. My only complaint is short of masking (which a friend pointed out recently) or chipping away with the eraser tool, it’s really difficult to get those sharp edges.

Since I still have a tonne of screenshots of 3D stuff I’ve made between now and college, I decided to try out the masking idea and use the shape of one of my character models’ heads. The good news is, this helps with the outer edges…


The lighting on the nose wasn’t half bad for me, but whenever I go for photorealism they always end up bulbous. Don’t get me wrong here, there are people out there who have big noses and make it look good, but I always end up hating noses that come from the business end of my brush, pen or pencil. The more detail you add, the easier is to compound the size.


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