Livestream Fun & 2D Lighting Exercise

Inktober Morrigan Revisited Inktober Morrigan Blue Light V2

A few more tweaks are needed for the normal version of the image, but the dimly lit one turned out… okay-ish. I’m not ecstatic about how it was blended, but I gotta start somewhere in the name of getting some practice. Could’ve been worse…


This image was kind of fun to make. I bought a couple of new Pigma brush pens (to replace the one I burnt out from Inktober) and re-inked Paris. I’m in the habit of drawing her with sort of a displeased expression, and not the rehearsed smile she puts on for the public. At some point I decided to try converting the black outlines to something less dark, and it ended up looking pretty good!


Messing about with contrast and saturation (among other things)…

SHIIIIIIIIT By this point I was having way too much fun and produced something out’ve a tumblr photoset. I think the gradient died too.


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