Whenever I draw a character I really like, but haven’t tried drawing before, I tend to get jittery wondering if I can achieve the look I want and do the character justice. This month has marked the first time I’ve ever set out to draw any of the cores from Portal or Portal 2, even GLaDOS made an appearance (I normally avoid mechs like the plague too, I’m horrible at designing them on m own, let alone interpreting them in 3D space).

So because I’ve been trying to psych myself up for it anyway (and because I’ve been reading lots of humanized Wheatley portal fanfics), I decided I should at least draw him as a human for my last Inktober drawing this year. Because Wheatley doesn’t have an official “human” design, I combined elements that crop up often in fanart (though this image is black & white so I didn’t have to worry about the fact that he gets drawn often as a blonde because that’s close to the look of his real life voice actor). In particular I like the hairstyle from this design (EDIT: apparently that video is a bunch of different ones, but the design itself comes from this person), although instead of the costume they drew him with I just threw him in a standard issue orange jumpsuit.

More info on Inktober

Inktober - Day 31 - Human Wheatley

As a bonus, this has been the state of my wall over the computer monitor for the past few weeks. I think I’ll keep that space core sketch.



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