Inktober 2015 – Day 15

Alice just seems like a staple of Halloween now. I would blame the gritty reboots (“madness returns” anyone?) but when you really examine the story it’s pretty dark on it’s own. But if you’re really going to sell a Disney remake with undertones of drug use and hookers, add an asylum. Nothing scares the pants off adults like a prison for people who are already held prisoner to their own minds.

So depending on which version of the story you get, Alice could be holding a butterfly, or an obscenely large kitchen knife, oh hold on what’s her other hand doing? Might be time to run kiddies!

This one comes a whole two days late, I still stand by the 10 days theory. For me that was really impressive, not forgetting altogether or uploading a single minute past midnight even once, for 10 days! I’d be amazed if that happened again, but the good news is the weather’s changing so whatever evil spores are still lurking in the leaves will soon be buried by snow. I even made the mistake of going out walking in shorts today and suddenly, blizzard!

Inktober - Day 15 - Alice


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