Inktober 2015 – Day 14

At some point today I got back into RPG maker and worked on a little project I’ve had going for a while, and actually was able to muck with the scripts for a change! I managed to get the introductory part of the game (up to a “family dinner” scene that’s not done yet) pretty much wrapped up.

Oh yes there was trial and error involved. I dealt with an NPC that got caught in a loop when he was only supposed to announce he was home ONCE, then when my character was tasked with calling her siblings for dinner one of her brothers somehow managed to walk onto the wall and stay there so she couldn’t (collision was off for him for some reason), and then another sibling (who was supposed to appear after a switch being triggered to put her in her room while another switch was supposed to wipe her off the map when she was called for dinner and place a clone in the dining room) MALFUNCTIONED and poofed out’ve existence.

The fun part was, the next event needed all 5 siblings to be present in the dining room in order to start, effectively breaking the game and halting all progress. I fixed it, but not before the laws of physics were spat on.

EDIT: More info on Inktober

Inktober - Day 14 - Broken Game Logic


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