Sculpting Exercise (More Heads)


I felt like firing up Sculptris today, so I’ve been farting around with heads for the past hour or so. I thought I had it installed but apparently not, so I downloaded it again. No biggie since it’s a freebie anyway, and the program is really light. The image above was the most recent screenshot I took, the two below are from earlier (at some point he became too manly for my liking but the result looks OK so I’m sharing anyway)


Since Maya 2016 is available (I was going to install 2015 in the new year but never got around to it) I’m installing my student copy now, but it’s taking a while. I could play around in Mudbox while I wait, as I haven’t installed the 2014 suite yet, maybe I’ll do that later. Mudbox does have better paint tools…


This was a happy accident.


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