New Sketch Blog & GoGo Digi Sketches!

I’ve seen numerous other artists making sketch blogs or at least posting some of their sketches in between finished works, so I decided I’d bite the bullet and make my own tumblr dumping ground for just that. I also want to put a couple of the stories I’ve been working on (and their characters) in the public eye so I can generate some interest in the final product. I intend at the very least to generate some comics, and hopefully one day I’ll work my way up to full length animated episodes. Fair warning, tumblr sketch blogs are prone to fanart, and mine will be no exception, so keep an eye on my tags if you want fanart or to peruse my (raw) original work.

WHOOKOS Media and Emezie seem to have lots of fun with WHOOKOS, AE Chronics and Porckchop & Flatscreen, and while Monty Oum has recently passed, I’ve really enjoyed RWBY thus far and hope new episodes can still be made. Now is a really good time to get working on Daughter of the Firebird especially as new shows now longer need to go through traditional channels to become popular or make money. The series has been in the works for over 10 years now and I’d really like it to come to fruition, that is, to showcase the fantasy world I’ve created and hope at least someone will fall in love with.

In terms of my level of commitment, I’ll say it now: if it takes a year, or another 20 years, I will make this happen!

But Daughter of the Firebird isn’t the only series I’m churning out, you may have seen the GoGo Digi sketch gallery on this blog and more on my Pintrest, I don’t want to say too much yet but the show will take root in classic video games and may appeal to those who loved the original Reboot (not the Reboot-Reboot, pun intended), Wreck it Ralph and classic video game/animation nerds in general.


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