Transferring old Sketchup files to Maya

Sketchup will always be an old favourite, but I wanted to try importing some of my older projects into Maya to mess around with. The process as it turns out is relatively easy, given that both Maya and Sketchup (the free version) seem to take Collada files with no issue. There was a bit of cleanup (I wasn’t quite sure how to make the most of the quadrangulate feature for this purpose) since anything I’ve managed export from Sketchup is automatically converted to Tris.

Exported image from Sketchup

Fortunately the mesh isn’t very complex (yet), and I may even be able to block in new walls, floors, panels, stairs, etc. now that I have a workable floor plan (at least the front part, this layout never was finished). Eventually I hope to be able to add furniture, possibly even re-using the dresser and end table from my short film somewhere. Maybe even the picture frames while I’m at it.

Maya Interface

The bonus that comes with working in Sketchup previously is that I’d been able to keep a consistent thickness in my walls using the measuring tools in the software. Maya has it’s own toolset for this but I haven’t fully familiarized myself with it yet, not the way I did with Sketchup anyway…


I also decided to keep setting up corners as they were in Sketchup, where each end face is on a 45 degree angle. Thus far I’ve just been using the existing mesh as a guide and snapping to edges. It’s working well!


Now the walls are beginning to take shape, although each of them can be pulled away if needed. I still need to create separate walls for the first and second floors though, this will make texturing easier as well!


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