Modelling Landon – Part 30


Still not happy yet, but now that I’ve got more of the head thrown together I’m starting to be able to visualize it better. Still, that nose is bugging me and I’m told the bridge is a problem area. The eyelids are fast becoming a problem area as while I’ve tried to retain as much definition as I can every time I’m constantly at war with the sculpt geometry tool (does anyone else casually refer to it as the “smooth” tool?) for making me choose between ugly crinkles between the eyelid and the cheekbone and the eyelids being totally absorbed into the cheek.

I also feel like some of the facial features have been traded off from model to model. The lips here turned out better but the nose isn’t doing much for me, while I’ve tried to go with the look I know I like on this character from last time.


Redirected some edge loops and that seems to have given more definition to the cheek, which is what I want.


Decided it’d be better to set up the eyebrows now than later. As the face mesh changes I have no doubt they will, but they’re not complex enough to cause me great concern when that happens. I also messed around with the eyes, but haven’t used a lattice this time and I’m still strongly debating using one again if it’s going to be such a pain to mirror.


I tried a little experiment this time and sample the forehead, then flipped it round backwards and stitched it together to form the top half of the skull at the back.


Here’s a dilemma that’s been nagging me for weeks. The old nose (left) is rounder but the nostrils look better to me. The new one on the right (what’s currently attached to the face) is pointier and the nostrils seem more flared. This I don’t like all that much.


Ears are also being revisited. I liked the old ones but at the same time they didn’t shape up the way I wanted. Part of that could be attributed to the drawing.


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