Modelling Landon – Part 24


Curse this infernal jacket! It’ll be easier to UV and (re)make the trim this time but it’s still a pain in the butt.


I’ve got a leather effect on the top but getting it to line up without pinching under the arm like this will be tricky, not to mention the leather doesn’t appear to have the right depth on the model…



Fortunately for me, the tunic appears to be almost ready to go! It took a couple of tries to get it to co-operate…


Eye texture has been changed up a bit as well…



glove00 glove01 glove02


I’ve been having a fun time (sarcasm alert) with the gloves as there’s one design element I want to incorporate that doesn’t want to line up… hopefully mudbox can help with that, if not I may have to forgo it entirely.

LandonModel_Week24eHair is taking shape (slowly but surely)


Fingers are going to be a big pain to lay out in this pose…


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