Modelling Landon – Part 21

Since I was behind on modelling, I wanted to start working on UVs as well but things simply weren’t at the stage where they could be called “ready” yet. I feel much more confident attempting this now than I would’ve a few weeks ago when I worked on the pants. I suppose I could’ve worked on the base of the boots as well but I’ve been tweaking those as well lately so it may have had to be redone anyway…


This is where I really wish Maya had the seam marking feature Blender had. Otherwise I never really got the hang of Blender’s UV toolset…


The only major difficulty I’m still having is that certain UVs seem to be stuck in place and won’t move. I’m told this could be due to edges being pinned but I haven’t been able to fix this as of yet.


I’ve also created the base, which will consist of a fencepost in some grass (and some dirt on the right to break up the monotony)


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