Modelling Landon – Part 19


The hand proportions have been altered. While I was trying to match the drawing they still ended up being way too big compared to the rest of the body. The fingers may still need some individual adjustments to fit properly.


I’ve also shrunk the thumb down and adjusted the angle. Again, it doesn’t follow the drawing as much but it looks more natural and is easier to work with at this stage.


I’m going to take one last stab at his hair, having accidentally knocked over what could’ve been a good reference for it all along. I should note that the version shown here is the (more expensive) Nendroid, not the blind box toy I currently own (which has matte gold paint instead and overall less detail). What I like about some of these are a) many of them have similar bangs, making them a decent reference for drawing characters and b) each strand of hair has a bit of a fold to it, and are managed into neat, simple clumps.

Image from Crunchyroll
Image from Crunchyroll





Again, I’ve had to deviate from the original drawing, but his bangs make more sense in 3D space now and I can probably find some other way to compensate or the lack of volume in his hairstyle right now…


While nothing has been physically connected, I’ve been able to hide some of the jagged edges of each hair chunk thus far…


It’s not as clean as with the Nendroid, but I’ll be attaching more chunks/strands in the back and some on the top anyway


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