Modelling Landon – Part 16

There will be a much higher frequency of progress updates coming as of either tomorrow or Wednesday as I wrap up this project. Since I ran into my UV/texture time by accident, I plan to devote the next 3-4 days to finishing up and getting everything ready to go!



So here’s a quick snapshot of where I’m at…


Throwing some base colour on the boots (so I know what goes where texturewise)


Finishing up the trim on the jacket, boots, etc. After that I just need buckles and fasteners on the gloves, jacket and belt. The travel pouch is being completely remade because it kinda sucked…


The sword is going to need more detail, mostly nicks and scratches like this one…


I decided to open the eye after all. Next I’ll add the eyelashes (it would’ve been awkward to do it with them closed, I realised that later). First I have to fix a problem with the lattice breaking after I try to mirror the left eye over.




Seams don’t work too well after all, I think I’m going to need to do some extra modelling…


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