Modelling Landon – Part 12

Going ahead and UV’ing the eyeballs now, so I don’t have to later…


I’m actually surprised that the lattice didn’t affect the UVs, that saves me lots of time.

LandonModel_Week11g Creating a shader for the eyeball…


Testing the size and shape of the iris on the eyeball (to see how it holds up against the lattice)


Surprisingly, it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it’d be when I first loaded the texture. Let’s just say he would’ve needed special glasses for his special eyes (If you get that commercial reference, pat yourself on the back)


I can’t believe I didn’t go at the ear until now. This took me 5 minutes to put together… still deciding if I wanna do more to it but I like this as a style too.


Partially attached to the head…


Added a bit more detail. I don’t want it to be super anatomically detailed because then it’ll be difficult to UV, plus this isn’t a super anatomical style I’m working in.





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