Modeling Landon – Part 3


I caught myself shaping his legs to look feminine out of habit and laughed

More work on the legs, although I haven’t created the knees yet…

Last time I did a boot cuff, it wasn’t this clean (the character had some kind of fur trim that looked like melted frosting), but I’m looking forward to doing the straps and buckles!

Soles and cuffs have been created, no ankle joints yet…

Working in the nostril…

The face is going to be interesting. Thus far his nose makes me think of the scout from TF2, so it’ll need some “softening up”. Aside from the difference in style, I’m pretty sure scout is an older character (at LEAST 18-19) and Landon is young enough to still have some softness left in his face. No chiseled features like that!


The lips still look a bit odd, so I’ll have to figure out how to make better use of my edge loops to sort that out and get rid of those unnecessary lumps.


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