Character Rotation Sheet (Revisions)

Landon Tsabara - 3D Character Model Sheet (Revised Scan)
Landon Tsabara – 3D Character Model Sheet (Revised Scan)

UPDATE: Image will be updated when I get to a scanner

Landon comes from a world known as Terra, which is similar to earth in that it’s inhabitants are (mostly) human, but the biggest difference is that on Terra, magic (referred to by inhabitants as aether) exists in the very atmosphere. Technology exists in this realm but as inhabitants are not as dependent on it, development happens at a slower pace. Terran technology is only about as advanced as Earth’s was in the 1980’s (with the exception of space travel, which has yet to be explored), while more rural areas such as farming, mining and fishing villages may not even have telephones and rely on traditional mail for communication, and ordering goods from a catalog is not uncommon.

Landon’s Background

Landon has been living with his older sisters since he was 5 years old, as neither of his parents are around. He’s never been a very sociable child, and doesn’t like crowds. Despite this, he’s found a close friend in a girl named Ali Rose. She thinks of her as a brother, and he’d do anything to protect her. Now 15, Landon is becoming more independent but he still hates dealing with people, and has difficulty with trust. He wants to become stronger so he can live his own life but he’s very stubborn and can get himself into trouble despite good intentions, and he has a bit of a small man complex.

He tends to wear his Dad’s old clothes rather than shop for new ones because they’re comfortable (even if they’re a little too big for him).

Updated Production Schedule

My production schedule has also been revised, as I’d planned for much more rigging than what actually needed to be done. The majority of the time allotted has now been dedicated to modelling, UV’ing and texture painting, respectively. The last couple of weeks will be reserved for modelling the base and composting the turnaround renders (which I’m anticipating will probably be done overnight)


Concept Sketches

 Project Notes

I really enjoy modelling, but it was a challenge for me to choose between character modelling and environment. I still want to do an environment on the side, but I had to make a choice for the sake of the project and meeting the deadline. I also realise I should get better at character modelling because my environment skills have been sharpened over two semesters and I don’t want either one to fall behind.


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