Short Film – First Frame with AO

AO passes can be tricky to set up properly and they take a while to render, but the result can bring just a bit of life to a scene. An AO pass gives your scene some of the natural contact shadows seen in real life, as opposed to the sharper edges you’d get from a beauty pass alone. It’s fairly subtle in this scene, but you can see it more in the corner of the room and where there are alot of edges. It would be more pronounced if I were to bump up the settings for the next render.

Beauty Pass
Ambient Occlusion Pass

The AO pass alone isn’t much too look at, usually it’s mostly white with soft contact shadows. I actually find this is the pass I like looking at the most, since it looks very clean.

Beauty Pass with AO

That being said, the next step of the project (after re-rendering whichever passes didn’t turn out right the first or second time around), is to composite everything together and add music and sound.


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