Modelling Red – Part 8

To wrap up the first phase of this character, I’ll briefly go over the rigging…


Rigging has been a tough process for me. The good news is that although I’ve had a horrible time with a rig in the past, the amount of times I had to redo certain steps really embedded things in my memory. Things like setting up blendshapes (aside from modelling facial expressions), setting driven keys, IK/FK switches, and the like I can almost do from memory. Although facial rigging is going to need a little more TLC. That being said, I still want to keep rigging, just not for a living. Yet. We’ll see in a year or two…


The demo rig we all set up had eyes that were controlled by driven keys. For this one I threw together a simple control and parented it to each eyeball.


It’s not as fancy as it could be, but for the moment it feels intuitive enough for me to comfortably use it. See the thing with making your own well, ‘anything’ is that you’re always wondering if it’s sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear. For example: if my Mother were to sew a skirt from a pattern, I’d wear it without much care. She has alot of experience in her field. On the other hand, if I were to put together the same skirt, it would always feel flimsier somehow, as if I might tear it. Even if I’d used the sewing machine myself.


The jaw seems to work alright, but I think I’ll try limiting the rotations/translations on it. Also for the moment her lower teeth aren’t following the jaw.


A bit of weight painting fixed up the base of the neck and the choker…


Teeth are following now, although I had to keep adjusting them so the bottom set wouldn’t go through her lower lip whenever she opened her mouth too wide. The other challenge is that this can make it seem like she has an overbite/underbite, and there’s no way I’m modelling braces.


Tongues are easy to throw together, and incredibly fun to mess with. Here’s a shot with the tongue partially out of the mouth.


And here’s the entire tongue. Fairly simple…


Setting driven keys for the fingers is a little bit harder, but as long as the hand is modeled well (which mine probably isn’t) it’s not hard to get the poses right.

Currently, she has 8 facial blendshapes. I’d planned for more (I actually modeled 37 of them but found some were either unnecessary, or didn’t work well with the jaw rig), but there’s no reason I can’t revisit the project and add more at a later date.

In summary though, I’m still not satisfied with this model. I’ll consider her more or less a ‘beta test’ and get right on another one, possibly of a higher poly. That way I could start messing with the toon shaders and actually throw her into a render or two. Or I could save that for version 2. I’m confident there will be one, I have big plans for this character design.


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