Unused: Label Designs

Unused label designs for a clay mask and a face scrub. Both designs needed a unifying theme while still remaining distinct enough to not be confused for one another.

This was one of the most complex projects I’ve worked on in illustrator, due to the amount of detail in the motifs. Early versions included hand-lettering but that was later substituted for an existing font—Arabdances by Mandred Klein. Also, “Sparkle” was later changed to “Glow”.

Painting studies

While I’m still working on another large-scale painting project, I decided to do something fun and experiment with lighting, blending and colour.


Miscellanious mini sketches. I’m happy with how the ocean waves (top right) turned out in particular!


The water here is too blue, but I’m happy with the way the light hits the waves. The water seems too deep that close to the shore, though. I’ll have to fix that in the next attempt.


I started with a reference taken in the wooded area near where I live and completely deviated from it by creating a foggy sort of scene. It reminded me of an episode of salad fingers. That one tree cluster turned out well, but I’m too used to drawing certain tree shapes. That will be something to work on in the future.

Instagram & Doodles

I started up an instagram account recently and here are some of the things I’ve been posting. I was skeptical at first because it’s another social network to worry about but it’s a fast and easy way to show off process work.

Breaking in my Crayola 100-set
Front and side view practice
More pencil crayon practice!
A pen and ink piece that I was going to scan and forgot about until recently
Practicing with pens (again)
Tia, a character from an upcoming project
Why is Jim Parsons driving a train? Find out soon!
Trying to draw Sapphira more lately

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