T-Shirt Illustration

This was the first time I was asked to do an illustration for a t-shirt—a wearable epitaph for George the worm, represented by a cartoon worm with a halo.



Comic Project

No, this isn’t the Portal fancomic (but I’ll keep you posted on that). My short film set was originally intended as part of a larger narrative, much of which had to be cut because of time restraints. I’m working on a (short) comic that will take a look at the world outside the corner of that bedroom.

Here’s a sneak peak, starting with the outside of the cottage:

Its a pretty small building. Only one person lives here, and that’s the girl who was going to make a brief appearance in the short: she was going to be shown taking care of the flower, and then reacting to its transformation.

I posted this on my tumblr in the last couple of months. I’m also revisiting the girl’s design, which is visually similar to that of Lara—another character of mine. Lara wears a lot of blue (as does Sapphira, I guess what my professor said about us students favouring blues in our designs was true, ). I’m reworking this new character’s design to also use colours that both differentiate her from Lara and contrast with her environment. Earthier tones, vs the blue sky.

That’s all I’m going to cover for now. I’ll be back with more presentable concept art shortly.

Inktober 2017 – Happy Halloween!

Seeing as how this is a day late, and the last item on rnainframe’s Portalber prompt list was to draw your favourite characters dressed up, I’ve got Chell together with a humanized GLaDOS and Wheatley—all sporting a fashionably last-minute group costume idea what can only be blamed on GLaDOS. Except for the horse mask. I like to imagine Wheatley acted alone on that one.

Anyway, this concludes this year’s Inktober festivities. Happy Halloween, everybody! Hopefully, same-time, same-place, next year! There may be an Inktober re-cap video this year containing all my drawings thus far.

Inktober 2017 – Day 25-30

I managed to post some of these on other platforms on time, but between my schedule and my energy levels, I’m posting them all here tonight. I plan on sharing a belated piece for the 31st tomorrow.

October 25th – “favourite fic”

I know that many will be tempted to say that Blue Sky is their favourite, but honestly, I love Portal fanfics where Chell works at or runs a bakery/coffee shop in general (also worth noting: Blue Sky just so happens to include a bakery setting). These could be AU (alternate universe) storylines, or ones that take place post-game. Because I couldn’t narrow it down, I just drew Chell as a baker.


I never finished the “draw your favourite core in the chassis” prompt (partially due to a bad headache), but I kept two promising base-sketches! It was going to be another “fix-it-Virgil” joke, hence the claws full of tools that he actually knows how to use!

October 27th – “turret”




Turrets haven’t really changed much in design since the first Portal game, and neither have most of the cubes (though there were new ones added). They’re still illongated egg-shapes with three legs, unless their side panels are open and their guns are out.


October 28th – “defective turret”

It’d be hard to find a turret more defective than this—it’s half-core!

In-game, defective turrets are basically normal turrets, but without their white shell. They’re a bit tricky to draw given all those exposed mechanical components.


Day 29 and 30 are one drawing. Their prompts were “frankenturret” and “companion cube”, respectively. I drew a companion cube-frankenturret hybrid carting another companion cube onto a button. It’s kind of a nod to how you have access to enough buttons to stack in Portal’s chamber 16.

Inktober 2017 – Day 24

I’m including two separate pieces together because I attempted this many times today trying to get it just “right”. One I inked but I liked how the sketch turned out as well (its arguably better than the ink) so I threw it in.

The prompt theme for today was what I’d think/want Portal 3 to be like; what better chance to give a nod to those fan theories about the two games crossing over? To be more specific, the ones about Portal 3 and Half Life 3 is the same game.

So I did what a handful of people have probably done and put Gordon Freeman in an Aperture jumpsuit—wishful thinking. After that FanFiction thing it felt like anything was possible.

Inktober 2017 – Day 23

I posted this everywhere else but here yesterday, so I’m posting it now. Day 23’s Portal prompt was more or less, “Where are they now?

I had other ideas, including a split-screen featuring this, and what Chell was probably doing (it was a shameless Castaway parody and I’m still going to draw it), and a split-split screen featuring both ideas and a second set of split screens with an overall theme of “What I want them to be doing VS what they’re more likely to be doing.” Basically, it was almost a four panel comic.

The good news is, today’s prompt is about Portal 3, and I’m excited to draw it. Again, it’s probably going to be presented in the form of a comic, like the GLaDOS tribble pit. As a side-note: when I get my hands on some fake fur, I’ll be posting some of the tribbles I make from it. I haven’t forgotten that goal.

Inktober 2017 – Day 22

Today’s prompt called for some colour, so I used markers to recreate my favourite Doug Rattman painting. Rattman is an implied character in Portal and Portal 2 who leaves behind elaborate written messages and murals (including “the cake is a lie” and some poetry) rendered in whatever materials he has at his disposal—which isn’t much given he’s been trapped in the facility for a long time. His story is told in the official “Lab Rat” comic which can be found online or in Valve’s “The Sacrifice” comic compilation.

I limited my colour palette to three plus black ink, although the original painting only seemed to use blue and orange, which could be Repulsion and Propulsion gels—each is coloured blue and orange, respectively, and are very distinct against most of Aperture’s surfaces.

I actually attempted this piece twice, but since I was drawing on a stack of paper and these markers bled through, there was some accidental bleeding that looks like smudging going on. Ironically, what I’d usually call a mistake ended up helping the piece work as true Rattman paintings are smudgy and messy.

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