Inktober 2018, Day 4 and 5

Since I apparently forgot to post my day 4 drawing here, I’ve doubled up and included my day 5 drawing.


Inktober 2018, Day 2

My initial plan was to alternate between productive and rest days this year. Day 2 was set to be a rest day, until the guilt hit and I rushed through a drawing of Chise Hatori from Ancient Magus Bride.

I’m not sure if I want to try to stick it out and maintain this pace for as long as I can (and risk burning out later in the month, as with previous years), or keep to the original schedule so that my drawings are of consistently better quality.

Inktober 2018, Day 1

Just in time for the first day of Inktober, I found out that W.I.T.C.H. is getting reprinted. I adore the art style and I’m really excited to continue reading the story!

I’d planned to use the official Inktober prompt list this year, but before I knew it I was excitedly sketching (and inking, and colouring) Will. The result is a bit messy since posting it as an Inktober piece was, admittedly, an afterthought.

Comic Project

No, this isn’t the Portal fancomic (but I’ll keep you posted on that). My short film set was originally intended as part of a larger narrative, much of which had to be cut because of time restraints. I’m working on a (short) comic that will take a look at the world outside the corner of that bedroom.

Here’s a sneak peak, starting with the outside of the cottage:

Its a pretty small building. Only one person lives here, and that’s the girl who was going to make a brief appearance in the short: she was going to be shown taking care of the flower, and then reacting to its transformation.

I posted this on my tumblr in the last couple of months. I’m also revisiting the girl’s design, which is visually similar to that of Lara—another character of mine. Lara wears a lot of blue (as does Sapphira, I guess what my professor said about us students favouring blues in our designs was true, ). I’m reworking this new character’s design to also use colours that both differentiate her from Lara and contrast with her environment. Earthier tones, vs the blue sky.

That’s all I’m going to cover for now. I’ll be back with more presentable concept art shortly.

Inktober 2017 – Happy Halloween!

Seeing as how this is a day late, and the last item on rnainframe’s Portalber prompt list was to draw your favourite characters dressed up, I’ve got Chell together with a humanized GLaDOS and Wheatley—all sporting a fashionably last-minute group costume idea what can only be blamed on GLaDOS. Except for the horse mask. I like to imagine Wheatley acted alone on that one.

Anyway, this concludes this year’s Inktober festivities. Happy Halloween, everybody! Hopefully, same-time, same-place, next year! There may be an Inktober re-cap video this year containing all my drawings thus far.

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